Your New Favorite Fall Meal Is A Salad

This might sound boring.

Salad? Really? How can a salad be my new favorite Fall meal? How is a salad going to fill me up for dinner?

I am going to tell you exactly how. You’re going to fill your salad up with good and wholesome sources of carbs, proteins, and fats. You’re going to get all of your veggies AND your fruits in. Oh, and you’re also going to really really enjoy the heck out of it, and your maximum satisfaction will add to the whole fullness-factor.

Let’s start with carbs.

I know. “Carbs” is like a dirty word nowadays. “Cut your carbs! Don’t eat too many fruits or veggies because they have too many carbs! PROTEIN, PROTEIN, PROTEIN!” At this point, it’s all just noise to me. Carbs get a bad rep for really no reason at all. Your body NEEDS carbs for energy. Yeah, sometimes we all have the tendency to way overeat them, but we do that with everything! Our bodies are well-enough equipped to deal with an influx of carbs every now and then. That doesn’t mean that we should deprive ourselves of them completely.

The main factor we should be focusing on is where our carbs are coming from. Hey, to me, all carbs are good carbs, but some are more nutrient dense than others which can keep us fuller for longer. Whole grains, fruits, and vegetables are all great sources of carbohydrates! Pasta, bagels, white rice, and chips are great too. Everything, no matter what it is, should be eaten in moderation.

The carbohydrate sources in this salad:

  • Spinach (3.8 g & 2.4 g of Fiber)

  • Quinoa (30.5 g & 3 g of Fiber)

  • Brussels Sprouts (8.5 g & 3.5 g of Fiber)

  • Sweet Potato (13.5 g & 2 g of Fiber)

  • Tomato (3 g & 1 g of Fiber)

  • Pecans (2 g & 1.5 g of Fiber)

Total= 61.3 g of carbs & 13.4 g of fiber

Protein, Protein, Protein.

It’s the hot thing now. Everyone wants a high protein diet, a keto diet, or a paleo diet. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against protein. I just don’t think it is the MOST important thing in our diets above everything else. Carbs, fats, and protein are all EQUALLY important for different functions in our body.

The protein sources in this salad:

  • Chicken (27 g)

  • Spinach (3 g)

  • Quinoa (5.5 g)

  • Pecans (3 g)

Total= 38.5 g of protein

Finally, the fats.

I love fats. Fats keep us full. Maybe the name “fat” has gotten misconstrued over the years and it might seem more negative than positive, but fats really do some amazing things for our bodies.

The fat sources in this salad:

  • Pecans (6 g)

  • Feta (6 g)

Total= 12 g of fat

I am not sharing all of these numbers to make this post solely about the numbers. I’m sharing them because some people need to see it to believe it. This salad is a great mix of healthy carbs, fats, and proteins, and I promise that it will fill you up (you can hold me to it).

So now that I’ve convinced you to eat the salad, you’ve got to make it first.

Don’t worry, it is really simple.

The Perfect Fall Salad

  • Base of spinach (kale would be really good too)

  • Quinoa (boiled on the stove)

  • Chicken (cook it however you’d like!)

  • Roasted Brussels sprouts

  • Roasted sweet potatoes

  • Chopped tomatoes

  • Pecans

  • Dried cranberries

  • Feta

  • Topped with a homemade maple balsamic vinaigrette:

    • 2 tsp balsamic vinegar

    • 1 tsp Dijon mustard

    • 2 tsp maple syrup

    • Salt & pepper

    • 1/4 cup olive oil