June - Recipe Recap

I know we’re already halfway through July, but I still had to share my recipe recap with you all from June so you can get in on the goodies that I’ve been snacking on for the past month.

A lot has happened in the past few weeks that I guess I can catch you guys up on since this is already two weeks late, what’s another couple of days…So I started the month coming home from college for the summer and began my internship right away. I’m a social media/marketing intern at a really cool tech company called STOPit Solutions. I actually have been enjoying it a lot so far because I’m not only just learning things that will help the company. I have learned so much that I can apply right here to this blog, to my own social media (where I got started and still feel most comfortable), and to my future. Really cool stuff.

This summer has also been perfect for getting creative in the kitchen and testing new recipes out. My baking is so insanely better when I’m at home just because of the size of my kitchen and all the tools/ingredients here that I don’t have at school. I’ve been able to test so many new recipes that I cannot wait to share and am extremely excited to step up my food photography skills with new accessories, backdrops, and a better camera!

After all of my updates, now what you’re really here for: the goooooood food! Since I have been doing more cooking/experimenting since I’ve been home, I am going to share those recipes as well. Remember, if you recreate any of these recipes make sue to share it and tag me on Instagram @livinwith_laura so I can shout you out!


One Pan Tomato, Artichoke, & Asparagus Chicken:

Cauliflower Gnocchi with Spinach, Roasted Tomatoes, & Mozzerella:
- Roast cauliflower gnocchi and tomatoes in the oven with olive oil till the gnocchi is crispy and the tomatoes are soft, mix in a big bowl with spinach, mozzarella balls, and Italian seasoning.