Fall 2019 Bucket List

If you know me, you know that I love lists. Anything that I can somehow turn into a list, I will. That being said, in the past year I’ve started making seasonal bucket lists including the activities that I want to do during that season! It’s honestly just a fun little thing to do at the start of every season because it gets you excited and when you’re bored on a random Saturday looking for something to do, you can just take a look at your list.

I am bolding the items that I have completed, but feel free to copy or screenshot this list and do some of these activities yourself! Let me know if you do, or if you make your own list. :)

  1. Make an apple pie from scratch (and make it visually appealing lol)

  2. Go to some sort of Fall festival or event

  3. Carve a pumpkin

  4. Go apple & pumpkin picking

  5. Go to a football game

  6. Drink a Starbucks pumpkin cold foam cold brew

  7. Decorate my apartment for the fall

  8. Go on a hayride

  9. Make pumpkin and pecan pie

  10. Celebrate Halloween

  11. Burn a fall candle

  12. Bake pumpkin bread

  13. Watch Hocus Pocus

  14. Drink hot apple cider

  15. Make fall sangria

  16. Paint nails a dark color

  17. Watch Halloweentown

  18. Bake pumpkin cookies

  19. Waitress on Broadway

  20. Visit an Orchard

  21. Celebrate Thanksgiving

  22. Black Friday shopping

  23. Bake apple cider donuts

  24. Cook a fall-inspired meal

  25. To Kill A Mockingbird on Broadway

  26. Tailgate

  27. Go to a haunted house/trail

  28. Look at the fall foliage on a walk or scenic drive

  29. Trip to Boston (weekend of Oct 11-13)

  30. Parents weekend

  31. Philly trip

  32. Toast pumpkin seeds

  33. Make a fall brunch

  34. Friends pop-up exhibit NYC

  35. Elizabeth’s (my sister) birthday celebration

  36. Fall Ball (my sorority’s winter formal!)