101 in 1001 Days

101 in 1001 Days


Day 1 of 365.

There is something about a new year that has always been particularly comforting for me. The idea that every year, the clock gets reset and we all get a fresh new start. It’s beautiful, fascinating, and inspiring. It makes me want to be better.

In recent years, I have begun every January first with some sort of list (I love lists if you could not already tell). Some years it was a list of resolutions that I would rarely ever keep, and in others it was a bucket list of things I would seldom accomplish. This year I didn’t want to do that. This year I wanted to create something that I would actually feel compelled to do. A mixture of things that were both realistic and hopeful. In the process I came across something called 101 in 1001 days. It is essentially a bucket list of 101 different things that you want to do in the next 1001 days (approximately 2.75 years). So I decided that I would do that. It is enough time to (hopefully) accomplish the realistic goals and the not quite as realistic dreams that I currently have at this moment.

I’m going to track my progress right here to hold myself accountable so hopefully I can do it. I am excited to begin this journey together.

Start Date: January 1, 2019

End Date: September 27, 2021

Completed: 18/101

*Bolded means completed*

  1. Make my 101 in 1001 days list

  2. Have a New Years kiss

  3. Read at least 50 books (1-The Beautiful & Damned, 2-From Salt to Sea, 3-Girl Wash Your Face, 4-The Notebook, 5-When Life Gives You Lululemons, 6-It Was Me All Along, 7-Present Over Perfect)

  4. Complete student teaching

  5. Family trip to Sicily

  6. Graduate from college

  7. Get my first post-grad job

  8. Decorate my own classroom

  9. Move into, decorate, & furnish my own apartment

  10. Create a budget & savings plan (a real one)

  11. Go an entire month without shopping for myself

  12. Pay for a person’s order behind me at Starbucks

  13. Vote in a non-Presidential election

  14. Vote in a Presidential election

  15. Watch 5 documentaries that I am genuinely interested in (1-Ted Bundy Docuseries, 2-CNN Decades Docuseries)

  16. Run a Half Marathon

  17. Try out HelloFresh

  18. Find 5 healthy go-to meals that I love (1-Greek Bowl, 2-Fish/Shrimp Tacos, 3-Fajita Bowl, 4-Good Seasonings Chicken & Veggie Bake w/Quinoa, 5-Spinach & Feta Turkey Burgers)

  19. Get a French Press or a Nespresso and buy less coffee

  20. Figure out a skincare regimen that works

  21. Write a letter to myself to open when this is over (September 27, 2021)

  22. Travel Vlog (ACTUALLY edit & post them)

  23. Write at least 2 blog posts a month

  24. Post on @Livinwith_Laura twice a week consistently

  25. Drink around the world in Epcot

  26. Host a holiday PJ party

  27. AC Trip!

  28. Go to Ellis Island & Liberty Island

  29. Send out Christmas cards

  30. Take a cooking class

  31. Go to a vineyard and/or a brewery

  32. See the NJ sunrise

  33. Go thrifting

  34. Read 5 classics (1-The Beautiful & Damned)

  35. Donate blood 3 times (1-4/22/19)

  36. Hike 10 miles (again)

  37. Make someone I love breakfast in bed

  38. Give 5 just because’ gifts (1, 2)

  39. Send flowers to my mom out of the blue

  40. Visit 3 new countries

  41. Go to the Dry Bar

  42. See the ball drop in Times Square on New Years Eve

  43. Take a roadtrip with my friends somewhere

  44. Explore 8 new cities (1-Pittsburgh, 2-San Antonio)

  45. Go to a Yankees game

  46. Do a NYC scavenger hunt

  47. Go to the Scooper Bowl (again)

  48. No phone before bed for a week straight

  49. Stretch every morning for a week

  50. Organize all of my binders/notes

  51. Visit 5 new states (1-Texas)

  52. Go vegetarian for a month

  53. Go vegan for a week

  54. Find my signature drink

  55. See 5 Broadway shows (1-Hamilton 1/8/2019, 2-Come From Away 8/20/2019)

  56. Attend a wedding

  57. Be in a bridal party

  58. Go to midnight mass on Christmas Eve

  59. Visit a state or national park

  60. Go somewhere COMPLETELY spontaneously

  61. Visit the Holocaust museum in DC

  62. Spend the day in Philly

  63. See the Rhode Island mansions

  64. Have a day of complete relaxation

  65. Sunday meal prep for a month

  66. Monthly one day social media detox

  67. Drink 64 oz. of water everyday for a week

  68. Read every night before bed for a week

  69. Go to a concert for an artist I genuinely love

  70. Shop regularly at the Farmer’s Market in the Spring/Summer/Fall

  71. Get another tattoo

  72. Celebrate Mardi Gras

  73. Brunch at 10 new places (1-Grain, 2-First Watch, 3-AM Kitchen)

  74. Complete a photo a day challenge

  75. Make a photo a day video

  76. Watch 5 classic films

  77. No added sugar for a week

  78. Go to a rooftop bar

  79. Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

  80. Try out a Soul Cycle class

  81. Eat at a 5 star restaurant

  82. Whiten teeth

  83. Do a split!

  84. Go to 3 college football games

  85. Go to 3 college basketball games

  86. Switch over to WordPress

  87. Take a trip somewhere with Kevin

  88. Buy a good pair of running shoes

  89. Collect 3 coffee table books

  90. Have a picnic

  91. Put change in someone’s expired meter

  92. See Hamilton on Broadway

  93. Turn my old t-shirts into a quilt

  94. Try 5 new foods (1-Alligator)

  95. Learn to bake bread

  96. Go skiing

  97. Purchase a bar cart

  98. Be able to do 50 push-ups

  99. Go back to Puglia’s in Little Italy

  100. Complete at least 50 things from this list

  101. Inspire someone else to make a list

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